Life After Austin


Last week I attended the Austin Film Festival Screenwriters Conference. I’m back to normal life now. But I feel different. I feel less anxious about my career path. I feel less anxious about my writing. It could be post-conference afterglow, but I think at least some of it will last.

But why? Nothing has changed since I went to Austin. I didn’t have a magical breakthrough on my script. I didn’t meet any high-level industry insiders. I didn’t discover a guaranteed path to success (because there isn’t one.) What I found at the screenwriters’ conference was bunch of other screenwriters. We met at panels and parties and had meals together. We bonded and commiserated and laughed together. I watched their faces and saw myself in their expressions. It seems like a small thing, but they listened to me and remembered details about our conversations. We talked about our scripts. We gushed over our favorite shows and movies.

What I learned is that my private anxieties and neuroses are not personal flaws, they’re just pretty common characteristics of writers. (I know, a neurotic writer, who would’ve thought?) Turns out I’m not the only “late bloomer” beginning a career in screenwriting. I’m not the only person making a crazy bet on terrible odds–I’m just the only person I know making that bet. Until now. Now I know a whole lot of crazy, hopeful, impassioned and inspired screenwriters.

It just feels damn good to have found my people.

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset