Leap In The Dark

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As someone with more than her fair share of existential hang ups, I’ve always envied artists who seem to blithely glide through life, creative energy flowing freely, uninhibited by anxiety or uncertainty.

But I’m not that person and it does my angsty little heart good to see how other artists work and to hear about their struggles. Here’s a few things from around the internet that have soothed my soul this week.

Emma Thompson’s Screenwriter’s Lecture at BAFTA (in which she recites the beautiful Agnes de Mille quote I’ve illustrated above.)

LA Times’ article on Ethan Hawke’s new documentary, Seymour: An Introduction. (See also Hawke’s interview on the Dinner Party Download and this video on Indiewire.)

Vanity Fair’s Tribute to Nora Ephron


Humans of New York

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Seeing as how Humans of New York has over nine million followers on Facebook, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of the site. But in case you haven’t, I’m here to change that. HoNY started as a Facebook page of captioned photos of various characters found on the streets of New York. Now the photographer, Brandon, is on a world tour, photographing people of all ages in many different countries, but particularly countries facing some serious challenges. Every post is a gem. I have laughed and cried and stared at my computer in awe. Liking the HoNY Facebook page is a great way to add uplifting and relevant content to your news feed (and your life).

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 11.09.21 AM

From the Humans of New York Facebook page.

AirBnB Neighborhoods

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My husband and I love using AirBnB when we travel. For the uninitiated, AirBnB is a vacation rental site where you can stay in private rooms, homes, and apartments, instead of hotels or hostels. One of their website’s best features is the Neighborhoods page. Currently this service is only offered for some of the most popular destinations. But what’s so great about it is that you tell it what characteristics you’re looking for in a neighborhood and the website suggests which ones would be right for you.



AirBnB Neighborhoods Screenshot

For instance, when we travelled to Rome last year, I chose the descriptors “artsy,” “loved by Romans,” and “dining.” AirBnB recommended we stay in Trastevere, a stunning neighborhood across the Tiber river and away from obnoxious tourist traps, but walking distance to everything we wanted to see. Trastevere was my favorite part of the whole trip. 

So who needs a travel companion?