Leap In The Dark

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As someone with more than her fair share of existential hang ups, I’ve always envied artists who seem to blithely glide through life, creative energy flowing freely, uninhibited by anxiety or uncertainty.

But I’m not that person and it does my angsty little heart good to see how other artists work and to hear about their struggles. Here’s a few things from around the internet that have soothed my soul this week.

Emma Thompson’s Screenwriter’s Lecture at BAFTA (in which she recites the beautiful Agnes de Mille quote I’ve illustrated above.)

LA Times’ article on Ethan Hawke’s new documentary, Seymour: An Introduction. (See also Hawke’s interview on the Dinner Party Download and this video on Indiewire.)

Vanity Fair’s Tribute to Nora Ephron


Clocking Out

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I had the good fortune to join Bottom Shelf Films in creating their entry into Greensboro’s 2014 48 Hour Film Festival. We had a ton of fun and I think it comes through in the final product. “Clocking Out” won Best Film, Best Writing, Best Editing, and the audience award for its screening group. Thanks again to Alicia and Mark for inviting me to participate!

(Yes, that’s me with the hairbrush…)