Leap In The Dark

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As someone with more than her fair share of existential hang ups, I’ve always envied artists who seem to blithely glide through life, creative energy flowing freely, uninhibited by anxiety or uncertainty.

But I’m not that person and it does my angsty little heart good to see how other artists work and to hear about their struggles. Here’s a few things from around the internet that have soothed my soul this week.

Emma Thompson’s Screenwriter’s Lecture at BAFTA (in which she recites the beautiful Agnes de Mille quote I’ve illustrated above.)

LA Times’ article on Ethan Hawke’s new documentary, Seymour: An Introduction. (See also Hawke’s interview on the Dinner Party Download and this video on Indiewire.)

Vanity Fair’s Tribute to Nora Ephron



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While I have some big goals for 2015, I thought it would be fun to write about the smaller goals I’m aiming for this year. Specifically in regards to upping my nerd cred.

I’ve always been what I consider “nerd adjacent,” having a lot of friends who are into stereotypically nerdy things like science fiction, comic books, and role playing games. I like science fiction but I’ve mostly only seen very recent movies like Moon or Another Earth. (Both excellent.)  When I fell headlong into a Game of Thrones obsession a few years ago, I learned how fun it is to be part of a fan community. It’s been on my mind for a long time, that I’d like to be able to experience this culture in a deeper way.

Thus I’ve set these goals for myself in 2015.

  • Watch the Star Wars movies. (All of them, even the ones people say are bad.)
  • Read a graphic novel. (A very patient friend lent me his copy of the Watchmen months ago but I’ve been having trouble connecting with it.)
  • Play a game or two of Dungeons and Dragons.

What do you think I should add to my list?