Spiced Coffee


Recently I bought a jar of mulling spices, because it’s finally fall! If you’re not familiar with mulling spices, you simmer them with apple cider or wine to create spiced drinks. You can also simmer them in water on the stovetop as a potpourri of sorts. (Just don’t burn them like I did.)

It occurred to me that I could make my own spiced coffee in the Chemex. I think this would work just as well in a French press. Just add a tablespoon or two of mulling spice to the coffee grounds and add hot water like normal. I like mine with a little cream and maple syrup.

A jar of mulling spice is a great alternative to buying a bag of flavored coffee for several reasons: it’s whole spices, no artificial flavors. It’s more versatile, so you can have spiced coffee in the morning and mulled cider at night. And when you get fall fatigue (is that a real thing?) you can easily switch back to your regular coffee.

Because we all know variety is the spice of life. Go ahead, mull it over.

Maybe tell your mum about it!



Bored and Caffeinated

Food, Video, Work

Bored and Caffeinated is a web series I produced, shot, and edited earlier this year. Its theme was food and fiction. Sadly the hosts and I have been unable to align our schedules to shoot more episodes. But I’m really grateful to have cut my teeth on such a fun project.