Deja Vu Grass

Music, TV

Have you ever heard a snippet of music and gotten an entirely different song stuck in your head because of it? That happened to me last week while watching The Diary of a Teenage Girl. (Definitely recommend, by the way.) After a scene with a bluegrass band I had another song slip into my head from somewhere deep in my subconscious. It was coming from a place way down, like something from my childhood. But I also knew that the song in my head was a cover of an old, old song. Vague, isn’t it?

After a half hour of intensely Google-searching the lyrics, I had my eureka moment. The song in my head was “There Is a Time” as performed by the Whiskey Shivers. I had the pleasure of seeing them in concert and meeting the band last spring. “There Is a Time” is on their self-titled album, released in 2015.

Beautiful isn’t it? And haunting. Hearing it again took me down another level in my subconscious and I remembered how I know this song.

A bluegrass band called the Dillards performed this song as a fictional band called the Darlings on the Andy Griffith Show.

I grew up watching Andy Griffith Show reruns. That show was practically the background of my childhood. In fact, I remember details from the show much clearer than my own childhood memories. The funny way Opie pronounce “Pa” that never sounded Southern to my ears. That time Aunt Bea made pickles that were so awful Andy said they tasted like gasoline. Otis, the town drunk who was funny but always made me sad.

Stumbling upon this song was like finding an unraveled thread and following it back to the recesses of my memory, like a little scrap of musical DNA passed down from my ancestors. That the DNA was inherited from fictional characters and passed down through televisions seems fitting for an aspiring screenwriter.


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